Wow – hi there! I can’t believe I am taking this step into the public blog world. I’ve had a blog for my son since before he was even born, but this is a new adventure. And to be honest…I’m a little nervous. It’s not natural for me to share SO much about myself. Social media tends to make it a bit easier as it’s just a snippet of what’s going on. But this – blogging – is intentional, detailed and has a way of making me feel a little bit vulnerable. However, I have had a lot of encouragement from some friends and family to start on this journey, so I figured why not?!

What I really just want to share with you is all of my adventures (maybe some tips & tricks?) of what life is like for me, being a single mom. I’ve noticed there are a TON of mommy blogs out there – which are wonderful and resourceful. But, I wasn’t feeling a lot of love from the single mom community. I know it’s scary and daunting and a lot of people don’t like to talk about it. But, I want to be break that mold. We are still just as mom as the wife who has 3 kids next door. We are capable and warriors and shouldn’t be ashamed of whatever circumstance brought you to this stage in your life. So I am here to encourage and lift up to ALL of you moms out there.

With that said, I’d love to have you journey along with me (as a mom and a new blogger), so head on over to my Instagram or Facebook page if that is your jam. You can also read a little bit more about me on my About page.

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to connecting with all of you





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