Making A Minecraft Valentines Day Box

Making a Minecraft Valentines Day Box is not as hard as you think! Trust me, I’m just an average mom trying to make my Minecraft Creeper loving sons Valentines Day dreams come true. If you’re anything like me, the Valentines Day class party is just around the corner so let’s just get started.

Supplies Needed to Make A Minecraft VDay Box

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How To Make Your Minecraft VDay Box

  1. Measure the sides of the box with your black & green cardstock paper
  2. Cut to make the big squares for both inside and outside of the box. HINT: You will want the black squares inside…more on that later!
  3. Glue all the squares on the sides, top, and inside of the box.

4. Measure and cut out the small green squares for the outside of the box. TIP: use at least 3 different shades of green for dimension.
5. Glue the small squares on all sides of the box.

6. Measure and cut out black squares for the eyes. This will go on the top of the box.
7. Glue the squares on the lid.
8. Design the shape of the nose and mouth below the eyes.
9. Cut out the shape of the nose and mouth using a box cutter.

10. Finish off by gluing the remaining spaces on the lids with green cardstock.
11. Add your kids name on the box (optional).
12. Place the lid on the box and consider yourself Mom of the Year!

TIP: By gluing the black cardstock paper inside the box it will
give the illusion that the mouth is not cut out.

Will you make this with your kid this year? How did it go!? Tell me in the comments.

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